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Aesthetics of Zeppelins:

This Steampunk inspired Side/Cocktail table is constructed from an industrial cast iron machine base, manufactured by Manesty Machines Ltd of Liverpool.

With a large brass cog table top and a brass cymbal within, covered over with toughened glass, this stunning table also contains fully programmable, multi-colour, changing LED light effects operated by remote control. 


Size: Top diameter 59cm, (H) 94cm.



Wimbledon Composition:

The starting catalyst for this table was finding a cast aluminium component which I used for the top of the piece. Straight away it was reminiscent of work by Piet Mondrian, an Artist I have always enjoyed.

The table base is a pair of old cast iron tennis net holders from London, could it be from Wimbledon? The piece is completed by a lovely oak beam which had matured outside in the Cotswold’s for 60 years.


Size: 55(H) x 66(W) x 46(D) cm





This unique coffee table was made with an upcycled, cast aluminium industrial component and retro VW orange paint details. Finished with a 10mm toughened glass top with polished edges.


Size: 31(H) x 87(D) cm




A truly unique Coffee Table in Aluminum & Copper with an Original Abstract Painting under Glass.

As an artist you always want to improve and change your creations as your skill and understanding of material combinations change.

Hex is at the cutting edge of upcycled industrial inspired design.

Starting with beautifully engineered aluminium machine parts in a hexagonal design, I pushed the boundaries by adding bespoke, painted and etched inserts along with copper and stainless steel details.


Size: 61(H) x 79(W) cm




Upcycled Industrial meets aero recycling in this unusual Coffee Table made from a titanium and copper aircraft thruster with a unique, hand-painted internal abstract art table insert.


Size: 59(H) x 65.5(D) cm



A Stitch in Time:

Original Singer Sewing Machine Table with Glass Top

With my artistic regeneration of this British industrial classic, I kept it true to as much of the original historical components as possible. I then blended and enhanced the piece with modern materials to add a twist of my artistic flair.

I think you will agree, this is a beautiful and unique piece of artistic interior design.

Size: 75.5(H) x 98(W) x 46(D) cm





Utilising upcycled aircraft components, this industrial design inspired lighting sculpture is made with aero grade aluminium with a flawless, mirror polished finish.

An acrylic base with a smoked tint and internal light rods was then finished with electric pink LED lights. This is one of a matching pair. 

(Other colours in the LED lights used inside are available )




The piece is the first to be completed in my ‘Past and Present’, interiors Lighting range and I am delighted with the way this sculpture has developed.

Having upcycled a classically designed, 1950’s Bakelite metal fan and brought it into the present – I can’t help but see a connection to Doctor Who in the design!


Size: 35 (W) x 23 (D) x 27 (H) cm



Steam Punk Range:

Original cast iron table with the addition of stainless steel, Zinc, Brass, Copper and a Glass Top

This artistic upcycle of a Victorian cast iron travel kitchen range is so unique and I am delighted with the way my vision came to fruition.

Extensive restoration of the range was needed and I then fabricated a new internal frame, shelving and back from steel to hold the shell together.

Finally I added zinc sides with hand polished copper and brass details to complete this stunning piece. 

The piece is now showing at the Paragon Gallery, Cheltenham.

Dimensions: 110(W) x 68.5(H) x 46(D)cm



Steam Punk Range:

Tall Boy Buzz Saw:

An original cast iron table with the addition of Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass & a Glass Top.

Dimensions: 93(H) x 45(W) x 52(D)cm

This artistic upcycle of a vintage cast iron belt driven saw table, I spent hours breathing life in to the Tall Boy creating steampunk inspired, interior design piece of artistic furniture ready to grace homes of distinction!


The piece is now showing at the Paragon Gallery, Cheltenham.

Size: 93(H) x 45(W) x 52(D)cm



Steam Punk Range:

The Sharpest Tool (Baby):

An original cast-iron table with the addition of Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper and a Glass top.

This is a stunning side table created with from an antique stone sharpening base that I have mixed with a beautifully chunky aluminium base completed with copper details and 10mm toughened glass with polished edges.


Dimensions: 84(H) x 86(W) x 56(D)cm



My Promise

As an artist I understand the heart can change its taste over time.

My customers enjoying their investments is important to me, therefore I offer the unique service where I allow you to exchange your piece for anything of the equivalent value that is currently available for sale on my website, for a 12 Month period after your initial purchase.

General Information:

I accept commissions by appointment and a no obligation consultation can be arranged.

PayPal payments, Bank transfers and cheque payments can be arranged via email or phone.

Delivery and Installation:

Hand carryable pieces under 30kg in weight,with dimensions no greater than 100cms are shipped for next day delivery by courier, all insured and packaged for £29.95.

Larger pieces are freight forwarded by the country’s leading pallet service, all insured and packaged for £75.

An installation service is also available for larger pieces.

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